Orbital Distance 0.51 AU
Zone Green
Year Length 0.470
Mass 1.5
Composition rock-iron
Density 1.4
Diameter 1.023
Gravity 1.432; 14.046 m/s/s
Day Length 18 hours
Axial Tilt 18°
Atmosphere Density Standard; 0.85
Atmospheric Composition 30% oxygen, 70% nitrogen
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 2.43
Climate 45° C; Warm

Over 60% of Arion's land mass is a subtropical desert, and the rest is a mix of seasonal forest, savanna, and tropical rain forest. It's primary industries are a mix of non-metals (sulfur, silica, crystals, potassium nitrate…) and organic compounds (methane, cyanide, etc.). Both of these are critical to the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, so it was no surprise when this survey was purchased by a conglomerate of medical sector companies and settled by the same. Life is hard on this planet due to the oppressive, year-round heat that makes staple crop production difficult and heat-stroke a constant threat.

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