Character Creation Rules

"There's room for everybody, just bring a pistol."

-Adam Chelmecki

Character Points

You can't save the 'verse with driveling morons. In order to become big damn heroes, PCs need to be smarter than your average bear. To that end, characters are built as Competent Normals, with 100 character points and 30 matching complications1. No single complication can be more than 20 points. Remember, you also start with 75 Resource Points, so don't worry about using your points for equipment (powers). General Equipment Rules

1 In 6e, "matching complications" means you need to take complications to get 30 points. In 5e terms, you have 70 character points to spend, and can earn 30 more by taking complications. Selling back characteristics does not count as complications points, but it does earn you points to spend elsewhere. I mean really, what good does knowing how to swim do you on a spaceship?

Everyman Skills

Everyman skills are free skills that every character gets for free at an 8- level (8 or less on 3d6, ~25.8%).
native language (4 points’ worth, includes literacy)
English language (4 points’ worth, includes literacy)
one ps at 11- (a character’s job, hobby, or the like)
TF: small Motorized ground vehicles
AK: home country or region 8-

Everyman Complications

You are essentially normal human beings, and as such you are limited to normal characteristic maxima. In game terms, this is not worth any disadvantage points, but every statistic point you purchase over the maxima costs twice as much.

For those of you using Hero Designer, under the Current Prefab file menu, Campaign Rules > View/Edit Campaign Rules, here are the normal characteristic maxima:
Characteristic Maximum value
Strength (STR) 20
Dexterity (DEX) 20
Constitution (CON) 20
Intelligence (INT) 20
Ego (EGO) 20
Presence (PRE) 20
Offensive Combat Value (OCV) 8
Defensive Combat Value (DCV) 8
Offensive Mental Combat Value (OMCV) 8
Defensive Mental Combat Value (DMCV) 8
Speed (SPD) 4
Physical Defense (PD) 8
Energy Defense (ED) 8
Recovery (REC) 10
Endurance (END) 50
Body (BODY) 20
Stun (STUN) 50
Running 20m
Swimming 10m
Leaping 10m

Character Templates

Humans have never come from one culture, generally lived in a temperate environment. This is no longer the case. There are high and low gravity planets, and planets that are dedicated 100% to agriculture and tourism. People from different planets tend to have different physical and social characteristics. Players are not obligated to take Character Templates, and can merely use them as inspiration.

Players are encouraged to create their own templates, and add them here. Maybe your homeworld is a high gravity, agriculture-focused jungle world. Great! Write up a few sentences about them and they'll be added to the galaxy! Remember, few planets have reached the population of Earth or Mars. Most planets only have a handful of colonies with a few thousand colonists.

Environmental Templates

High or low gravity, tundra or ocean, people living in certain environments gain specialized characteristics.

High Gravity Homeworld

Cost Ability
5 +5 STR
3 +3 CON
3 +3 BODY
2 Heavy: Knockback Resistance -2m
2 High Gravity Training: Evironmental Movement (High-G)
1 Used to High-G: Resistant Protection (2 PD/0 ED); Only to protect against G-Force damage (-1)
Total cost of template abilities: 16
Value Complication
5 Physical Complication: Hefty (infrequently, barely impairing)

Total value of template complications: 5

Low Gravity Homeworld

Cost Ability
-2 -2 STR
2 +1 DEX
-1 -1 CON
-1 -1 BODY
1 Adapted to Thin Air: Life support (expanded breathing: can breathe normally in thin atmospheres)
6 Low Gravity Training: Environmental movement (low-G)
Total cost of template abilities: 5
Value Complication

Total value of template complications: 0

Cultural Templates

Maybe your world is secretly run by organized crime, or the planetary governor is treated like a feudal king. That will train its inhabitants in skills and complications as well, sometimes more punishing.

Criminal Culture

Cost Ability
1 +1 INT
1 +1 PRE
6 6 points worth of skills from the following list: bribery, charm, climbing, computer programming, conversation, gambling, forgery, lockpicking, persuasion, security systems, sleight of hand, stealth, trading, or any background skill.
2 2 points worth of weapon familiarities.
4 Contacts, 4 points worth, player's choice.
Total cost of template abilities: 14
Value Complication

Total value of template complications: 0

Warrior Culture

Cost Ability
3 +3 STR
2 +1 DEX
2 +2 CON
2 +2 BODY
6 6 points of Weapon Familiarities
Total cost of template abilities: 15
Value Complication
15 Psychological complication appropriate to planet (code of honor, belligerent, hair trigger, temper, etc…)

Total value of template complications: 15

Mercantile Culture

Cost Ability
3 Trading skill
6 6 points of skills from the following list: bureaucratics, charm, conversation, electronics, high society, oratory, persuasion, stealth, streetwise, any background skill
4 Contacts, 4 points worth player's choice
Total cost of template abilities: 13
Value Complication

Total value of template complications: 0

Career Templates

(Jobs and stuff.)

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