Orbital Distance 0.2 AU
Zone Blue
Year Length 0.2
Mass 0.8
Composition rock-iron
Density 1.1
Diameter 0.899; 11.455 Mm
Gravity 0.9889; 9.697 m/s/s
Day Length 22 hours (retrograde rotation)
Axial Tilt 20°
Atmosphere Density Standard; 1.5
Atmospheric Composition 31% carbon dioxide, 20% nitrogen, 10% methane, 11% argon, 8% ammonia, 5% sulfur dioxide, 6% chlorine, 9% flourine
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 1.088
Climate -33° C; Cold

Clarum is too cold to have developed carbon-based life on its own. Water is locked into a solid state year round, and the land is indistinguishable from the oceans due to a thick layer of packed snow. This didn't stop mankind from settling this planet with domed-colonies, due to its abundance of heavy metals and metals.

The leadership of this colony soon made the decision to start investing in itself and reserve as much of their raw materials as they could afford. With these raw materials Clarum started construction on shipyard facilities that will soon compete with some of the younger facilities in the core. At the moment they are little more than a large repair dock barely able to manufacture even smaller licensed vessels, but soon may hire some engineering teams to design their own vessels.

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