Deminica Lambda
Orbital Distance 62.384-81.100 AU
Zone Green-Blue
Year Length 3.61
Mass 0.8
Composition rock-iron
Density 1.1
Diameter 0.899
Gravity 0.989; 9.699 m/s/s
Day Length 27 hours
Axial Tilt 11°
Atmosphere Density Standard; 0.9
Atmospheric Composition 20% Oxygen, 70% Nitrogen, 2% Sulfur Dioxide, 6% Argon, 2% Chlorine
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 0.890
Climate -15° C; Cool

Deminica Lambda is a virtually unpopulated subtropical tundra. A vast majority of this planet's year is spent in the blue zone of it's star, and thus too cold for liquid water. When it is close enough, the climate becomes much like a tropical rain-forest. This makes the planet a very valuable place to research the meteorological, geographic, and geological effects of an eccentric orbit, as well as the red giant it orbits.

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