Drones and Droids

Basic Rules

Automata can be purchased in one of two way depending on what purpose they are to serve. An automata that serves a small set of functions can easily be purchased as a multi-power that has the Focus limitation. A more humanoid automata is purchased as a follower perk, which means that 1 resource point buys you 5 follower points.

Humanoid Drones

Humanoid drones begin by selling back all their EGO, OMCV, DMCV, recovery, endurance and stun. They then purchase the following powers: life support (does not eat, self-contained breathing, does not sleep), cannot be stunned, does not bleed, and does not take stun. They will also very likely sell back much of their movement powers, and buy an endurance reserve to power it.

Simple automata without an AI can store in its memory a number of simple instructions up to their intelligence score.


Giving an automata a personality makes it an android. To give the drone an artificial intelligence, simply restore the original 10 EGO, and 3 OMCV and DMCV (AIs can be effected by mental powers that can effect artificial minds, like hacking).


  • Automata often buy eidetic memory to represent storing auto and video files on its hard drive.
  • Automata require Enhanced Senses: HRRP to be operated remotely, otherwise receive orders via voice command.


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