Orbital Distance 1.26
Zone Blue
Year Length 1.575
Mass 0.8
Composition rock-iron
Density 0.8
Diameter 1
Gravity 0.8; 7.846 m/s/s
Day Length 16 hours
Axial Tilt 22°
Atmosphere Density Standard ; 0.55
Atmospheric Composition 20% Oxygen, 74% nitrogen, 1% argon, 3% ammonia, 2% sulfur dioxide
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 0.44
Climate 15° C; Temperate

Earus is sometimes called the Gateway to the West, due to the fact that if a trade ship is headed toward or coming from the west, chances are they stop here. It is far less populated than Earth so docking fees are considerably less, but having been one of the first planets settled has well established infrastructure. It's close enough to Earth that in general, the large trade vessels usually stop here. If you need or want something, and don't feel like dealing with Earth, this is probably where you want to go.

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