Dutch Beefington
The name's Dutch. Dutch Beefington, from the Stroganoff Estates, in Salisbury County. It's meat country, if you couldn't tell.

I used to shoot guns for the military, until they told me to shoot at people nobody should shoot at.
Now, I shoot guns for myself. And at the military, occasionally. But they have more guns than me, so I try to avoid it.
(Dutch has a daughter that she left behind on the Infinite Genetics satellite.)

Energy Weapons
Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes Cost
Laser Rifle, Military +2 +4 2d6 +0 32 10 4.50 kg 1200m 75/24 AF5, IMR4, 2H, BBS, Beam 24
Ion Blaster +1 +2 10d6 N - 10 10 1.20 kg 80m 66/22 AF2, LR (80m) 22

Armor - Carbon Nanotube Full Armor, 10 PD/ED, 35 kg, 12 points, Activation Roll 14-

Military Laser Rifle Range Penalties
0m - 32m: 0 OCV
33m - 64m: -2 OCV
64m- 125m: -4 OCV
125m - 250m: -6 OCV
250 - 500m: -8 OCV
500 - 1km: -10 OCV
1km - 1.2km: -12 OCV

Ion Blaster Range Penalties
0m - 16m: 0 OCV
17m - 32m: -2 OCV
33m - 64m: -4 OCV
64m - 80m: -6 OCV

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