I wouldn't bother looking at the Hero System 6th Edition - Equipment Guide; if you really like to know that your character has a Daewoo DR 200 .223, and not a Galil SASR .308 then by all means don't let me take that away from you. But since in the HS6e - EG they are point for point exactly the same, I'd prefer to use the White Wolf method. You choose the category of weapon your character has: Light Revolver, Heavy Revolver, Light Pistol, Heavy Pistol, Rifle, and Shotgun. If you want to specialize your character's equipment, maybe because you really want a Calico M951 Carbine that fires 9mm rounds but it has a magazine that holds 100 rounds, then the HS6e - EG may be your destination. Sci-fi ranged weaponry do not have revolvers, and let's be honest most of the solid projectile revolvers are in museums in Praeter Sol…

If you want to use your Resource Points to buy a Callahan full-bore auto-lock, customized trigger, double cartridge thorough gauge, then let's work together to build your dream weapon. Otherwise, something in the book is probably close enough. Rule of thumb, don't put any more effort into something than enjoyment you get out of it.

Civilian Weapons

Solid Projectile
Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes
Holdout Pistol (Beretta Model 84F .380) +0 +0 1d6 +0 13 10 0.69 150m 15/5
Light Pistol (Glock 9mm) +0 +0 1d6+1 +0 20 7 0.66 kg 230m 25/9
Heavy Pistol (Glock .45 ACP) +1 +0 2d6-1 +1 7 9 0.83 kg 300m 36/11
Hunting Rifle (Winchester Model 70 .300 Win. Mag.) +1 +2 2 1/2d6 +1 3 12 3.90 kg 400m 54/13 2H
Sport Rifle (Ruger Mini-14 7.62mm) +1 +1 2d6 +1 30 10 3.10 kg 300m 48/15 2H
Shotgun (Franchi SPAS-12 12 ga.) +0 +0 2 1/2d6 +1 8 12 4.35 kg 40m 60/13 2H, AE1, LR(40m), RR, RP
Energy Weapons
Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes
Ion Blaster +0 +1 8d6 N - 12 9 1.10 kg 100m 51/17 AF2, LR (100m)
Laser Pistol +1 +2 1d6+1 +0 16 8 0.90 kg 200m 24/9 BBS, Beam, Fragile
Ion Rifle +1 +2 10d6 N - 15 12 4.00 kg 500 66/21 AF3, 2H, Fragile
Laser Rifle +1 +4 2d6 +0 16 10 4.00 kg 1200m 51/17 IMR4, 2H, BBS, Beam
Sonic Stunner +0 -1 7d6 N NND 8 7 1.0 20m 52/14 LR (20m), PER Mod +0

Military Weapons

Energy Weapons
Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes
Laser Rifle, Military +2 +4 2d6 +0 32 10 4.5 kg 1200m 75/24 AF5, IMR4, 2H, BBS, Beam
Assault Pistol +1 +2 1d6+1 +0 16 8 0.90 kg 200m 36/11 AF5, BBS, Beam, Fragile
Hand Grenades
Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes
Concussive +0 +0 5d6 NX 1 0.40 RBS 22/5
Smoke +0 +0 CE 8m 1 0.25 RBS 13/4 -3 Sight PER for 3 Turns
Stun +0 +0 See text 1 0.40 RBS 44/19
Tear Gas +0 +0 Tear gas 1 0.25 RBS 190/51

Stun Grenades: Blast 3d6, NND (defense is any rPD; +0), plus Sight and Hearing Group Flash 3d6.

Tear Gas: Sight Group Flash 8d6 NND (defense is solid, sealed coverings over the eyes or appropriate Life Support).

All weapons have the Focus, Strength Minimum, Real Weapon, and Charges limitations. All Solid Projectile weapons (except shotgun) have the Beam limitation.

Example Custom Weapon

Different situations call for different weapons. Sometimes you want a rifle, other times a shotgun. This anti-proton rifle has multiple focal beam-emitters and can be set to scatter or focused shot. It can easily be equipped with a red-dot sight, though only has iron-sights at the moment.

Mulitpower: 60 point reserve (60 AP), Charges (30, +1/4), 75 AP; OAF (-1), Strength Minimum (12, -1/2), Two-Handed (-1/2), Real Weapon (-1/4); Total Cost: 23 CP

Focused Mode: Blast 8d6 N (40 AP), Charges (30, +1/4), Auto-Fire (2, +1/4), 60 AP; OAF (-1), Strength Minimum (12, -1/2), Two-Handed (-1/2), Real Weapon (-1/4), Beam (-1/4); Total Cost: 17 MPPs. Fixed Slot: 1 RP.

Scatter Mode: Blast 8d6 N (40 AP), Area of Affect (1m., +1/4), Charges (30, +1/4), 60 AP; OAF (-1), Strength Minimum (12, -1/2), Two-Handed (-1/2), Real Weapon (-1/4), Limited Range (40m., -1/4), Reduced by Range (-1/4), Reduce Penetration (-1/4); Total Cost: 15 MPP. Fixed Slot: 1 RP.

25 Resource Points

Civilian Armor

Armor in general comes in three forms: Vests, Scout, and Full. Vests protect most of the the wearer's chest and stomach. Scout armor adds a helmet, shoulder protection, and an armored groin accessory. A set of full armor adds a protective face mask, arm and thigh armor, plus leg and feet armor. For maneuverability and dexterity the hands and part of the legs are left exposed, but parts are available to cover these as well.

Armor DEF Mass A/R Cost Notes
Kevlar Vest 3 0.90 kg 9/2 AR 9- (11-13)
Kevlar Scout Armor 3 2.20 kg 9/3 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
Kevlar Full Armor 3 3.00 kg 9/4 AR 14- (3-5, 7-14, 16-18)
Spectra Vest 4 1.25 kg 12/2 AR 9- (11-13)
Spectra Scout Armor 4 3.15 kg 12/4 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
Spectra Full Armor 4 4.14 kg 12/5 AR 14- (3-5, 7-14, 16-18)
Kevlar II-A Vest 6 2.50 kg 18/4 AR 9- (11-13)
Kevlar II-A Scout Armor 6 6.25 kg 18/6 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
Kevlar II-A Full Armor 6 8.75 kg 18/7 AR 14- (3-5, 7-14, 16-18)

All armors have the OI Focus, Activation Roll, Half-Mass, and Real Armor limitations.

Military Armor

Armor DEF Mass A/R Cost Notes
BioSteel Vest 8 5 kg 24/7 AR 9- (11-13)
BioSteel Scout Armor 8 12.5 kg 24/9 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
BioSteel Full Armor 8 17.5 kg 24/10 AR 14- (3-5, 7-14, 16-18)
Carbon Nanotube Vest 10 10 kg 30/9 AR 9- (11-13)
Carbon Nanotube Scout Armor 10 25 kg 30/11 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
Carbon Nanotube Full Armor 10 35 kg 30/12 AR 14- (3-5, 7-14, 16-18)


There are many cybernetic enhancements a person can elect to have attached to their bodies, as small as fingertip razors to as large as replacing an entire limb with a plasma cannon. In game terms, they range from the simple to the ridiculously complicated. Here are a few examples.

Example: Cybernetic Arm +10 STR (10 AP); Only When Using Right Arm (-1/4), Restrainable (-1/4); 6 RP

Cyborgs and Androids

Humanoid robots possessing some degree of artificial intelligence are not commonplace, but do exist. They nearly without exception do not have a flesh-like outer dermis; it greatly disturbed a vast majority of test panels. If one wants it, they can completely replace their body with cybernetics (with the exception of the brain and spinal column). Such "people" are referred to cyborgs. The procedure has not been successfully reversed, and since the cyborg loses all sense of touch and taste most people choose not to go that far; not even soldiers and mercenaries.

Hacking Devices

Powered armor and vehicles are commonly controlled by computers, and often carry wireless communication devices. Drones (military and civilian models) are entirely remote controlled via a wireless LAN or WAN. This makes criminal and military hacking very tactically advantageous. So advantageous that automated hacking programs were quickly developed, weaponized, and packaged. Here is an example hacking program that can be used with your commlink. You can upgrade your commlink hardware to better the programs as well.

Hacking Device: Multipower, 40-point reserve, all slots Reduced Endurance (0 END; +1/2) (60 Active Points); all slots Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (only against electronic equipment with wireless connectivity; -1), OAF (-1), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2); 17 Resource Points

Chill Out: Entangle 3d6, 3 PD/3 ED, Area Of Effect (4m Radius; +1/4) (37 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about two-thirds of its effectiveness (Only against robotics with wireless connections; -1 1/2), OAF (Hacking Device; -1), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2); 1 Resource Points

Crash Override: Mind Control 5d6 (Machine class of minds) (25 Active Points); OAF (Hacking Device; -1), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2)

Short Circuit: Killing Attack - Ranged 2d6 (30 Active Points); Limited Power Power loses about half of its effectiveness (only usable against electronics with wireless connections; -1), OAF (hacking device; -1), Extra Time (Extra Segment, -1/2); 1 Resource Point


Also known as a "comm" or "link", a commlink is an electronic device that is part-PDA, part-personal computer, and part-global communications device. It serves as the gateway for the average user to both the Augmented Reality and Internet. Commlinks also serve as the hub for a user's Personal Area Network, the link between all of the electronic devices on one's body.

Surveillance Equipment

Spy Camera: Eidetic Memory (5 Active Points); IIF (-1/4); 4 Resource Points

Audio Bug: Clairsentience (Hearing Group), x8 Range (2,800m) (61 Active Points); OAF (-1), No Range (character must place bug; -1/2), Affected as radio group as well as sight group (-1/4), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 1 Week (battery, easy to obtain; +3/4); 22 Resource Points

Audio/Video Bug: Clairsentience (Hearing And Sight Groups), x4 Range (2,080m) (70 Active Points); OAF (-1), No Range (character must place bug; -1/2), Affected as radio group as well as sight group (-1/4), 1 Continuing Fuel Charge lasting 1 Week (battery, easy to obtain; +3/4); 25 Resource Points

Tracking Bug: Radio Group Images, +/-4 to PER Rolls, Area Of Effect (64m Radius; +1 1/4), Usable As Attack (+1 1/4) (76 Active Points); Set Effect (detectable signal; -1), IAF (-1/2), No Range (character must place bug; -1/2), 1 Recoverable Continuing Charge lasting 1 Week (+1); 25 Resource Points

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