Orbital Distance 6.76 AU*
Zone Blue
Year Length 13.1
Mass 0.8
Composition rock-iron
Density 1.0
Diameter 0.928
Gravity 0.928, 9.10 m/s/s
Day Length 17 Hours
Axial Tilt 17°
Atmosphere Density Standard; 0.55
Atmospheric Composition 25% Oxygen, 65% Nitrogen, 6% Argon, 4% Ammonia
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 1.02
Climate -5° C; Cool
Moons Asteroidal; 40 km diameter
Orbital Distance Medium; 23.5 km

Estea is almost exclusively a mining colony and is pretty terrible in general. It's cold year round without much sun, and thus has not developed more than single celled life. There are large mines and some small towns have built up around them, but the miners and their families live in poverty. There is not much trade from elsewhere, and the planet basically just exports ore. The metal deposits in the planet mess up technology and communications so it's somewhat off the grid.

Poor, Steady, Militia, Resource (Metals), Oath (DFP), Need (Food)

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