Io Class Light Cruiser

JM Yards built the Io Class "Light Cruiser" after the success of the Helike Class corvette. Essentially a scaled up version, the Io line has never quite enjoyed the same popularity. Mainly due to being a merchant first, and a warship second, this class has earned much derision for the light cruiser moniker. Probably too tough for singleton privateers to tackle, it is still popular for some merchant men, but it is no match for revolutionary squadrons or liberation governments. Given its size, it tends to be too slow to escape those threats, where smaller ships may be able to use their speed to get out of trouble.

Total Costs:
Size 15 - 75
Reactor - 15
Engines - 11
Armor - 42
Communications - 16
Nav Computer - 2
Radar - 14
Life Support - 12
Food Supplies - 3
Rail Cannon - 34
Rail Cannon - 34
Rail Cannon - 34

Total: 292
Vehicle Reduction Math => 292/5=58 RP

Eric Note:
New ship has 1 rail cannons -> 292-68= 224=> 224/5= 45 RP

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