Themisto Class Freighter

The Jovian Moon Yards were one of the final of the great shipyards of the Sol system to open for commercial production. As such, they needed a way to break into an already crowded market. The Themisto class freighter is perhaps the greatest success story in their storied product line, however.

At first glance, the Themisto may seem a bit behind its competitors. It is far more expensive that any of Econoline's offerings, lacks the exotic technology of FYM, or even the dependability of the Inner Earth Dock's Shooting Star series. It is a bland, overpriced offering in a segment demanding innovation. What it can offer is unmatched safety. The Themisto is the base hull for the Helike Auxiliary Corvette, and they have an identical radar and near identical lidar image. JM applied for and received exclusive patent rights on the concept of a corvette sized Q-ship. Since pirates can't tell which ships are freighters and which ships are heavily armed pirate killers, most pirates tend to leave Themistos alone, just to be safe. Sure, there is only 1 Helike per 500 Themisto, but is it really worth the risk?

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