Lancaster Class Freighter

The FYM Space Dock produced the Lancaster line of freighters to solve for the growing problem of space piracy. On the theory that pirates can't rob you if they can't find you, the Lancaster has built in ablative stealth armor and an impressively efficient engine and reactor for their size. Not content to just be a victim though, the Lancaster can also get itself out of sticky situations with a rail gun that can be fully powered by the aforementioned reactor. The main disadvantage for the Lancaster line is the smaller cargo capacity and overall build of the ship. Technically billed as a corvette, it is the smallest ship to meet the classification. Lancasters are not ideal for bulky cargo, so they tend toward VIP passenger transportation, movement of high value cargo, or smuggling.

Total Costs:
Size 8 - 40
Reactor - 15
Engines - 25
Stealth Plating - 11
Armor - 27
Communications - 16
Nav Computer - 2
Radar - 14
Life Support - 12
Food Supplies - 3
Rail Cannon - 34

Total: 200
Vehicle Reduction Math => 200/5=40 RP

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