Diameter 6,800km
Distance from Sun 1.5 AU
Gravity .38 G
Year 686.6 Earth Days/672.6 Mars Days
Moons 2
Orbital Velocity 24 km/sec
Atmoshere Trace

Early in the 21st century it was highly believed that Mars once supported life, and could once again support life. Initial surveys of the area showed that Mars was rich in iron deposits, and with its relatively low gravity it is easy to mine. This turned the planet into an over sized factory, and the pollution laiden hell hole that it is today. Still the largest producer of cheap space craft, Mars is a thriving metropolis. Just don't take a morning walk outside of the pressurized habitat domes.

People from Mars tend to be taller and lanky, due to the gravity on the planet surface. They also have fairer skin than their Earthling brothers and sisters, being further from the sun. But because of the conditions of the city, they tend to be able to breath some of the more undesireable atmospheres.

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