Lin was a part of the first generation born on the planet Tranquility. Her parents were mid-ranking members of the White Tigers. From an early age she showed a talent for working with gadgets. The usefulness of this was recognized by those higher up in the gang, and she was put to work creating and using surveillance devices against the other gangs. Lin never felt much loyalty to her employers, however, and when the Eagle Dragons approached her to turn double agent for a large sum of money, she agreed. Unfortunately the White Tigers discovered her treachery and exiled her from Tranquility.

She was sent to the planet Estea with no real means of earning her way off and was forced to live in one of the mining towns. When Edward showed up with his ship looking for a crew, she was more than happy to join simply to get away from the cold.


Weapons OCV RMOD Dam. STUNx Magazine STR Min. Mass Range A/R Cost Notes
Sonic Stunner +0 -1 7d6 N NND 8 7 1.0 20m 52/14 LR (20m), PER Mod +0
Laser Pistol +1 +2 1d6+1 +0 16 8 0.90 kg 200m 24/9 BBS, Beam, Fragile
Armor DEF Mass A/R Cost Notes
Kevlar II-A Scout Armor 6 6.25 kg 18/6 AR 11- (4-5, 9-13)
Range Modifier
1 m -0
2-8 m -0
9-16 m -2
17-32 m -4
33-64 m -6
65-125 m -8
126-250 m -10


  • Electrical Toolkit (4 points): +2 to associated skill rolls
  • Mechanical Toolkit (4 points): +2 to associated skill rolls
  • Pieces and Parts (39 points) Currently Configured As:
    • Weapon Camouflage x2 (16 points) - weapon feels like part of clothing; invisibility to radio group (no fringe, metal detectors only); 1 continuing charge lasting 20 minutes
    • Hoverboard (4 points) - 1 continuing fuel charge lasting 6 hours
    • Sonic Screwdriver (19 points) - +5 with lockpicking, 8 charges; EMP (6d6), 1 charge; sonic flash (2d6), personal immunity, 8 charges
  • Commlink
  • Drugs
  • 2 space bucks
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