Orbital Distance 3.314 AU
Zone Green
Year Length 22.718
Mass 1.2
Composition rock-iron
Density 1.1
Diameter 1.090; 13.9 Mm
Gravity 1.32; 12.945 m/s/s
Day Length 18 hours
Axial Tilt
Atmosphere Density Standard; 0.8
Atmospheric Composition 25% oxygen, 65% nitrogen, 1% argon, 1% ammonia, 3% sulfur dioxide, 2% chlorine, 3% fluorine
Atmospheric Pressure Standard; 1.056
Climate 5° C; Temperate

Prosidia is another planet that mankind was simply lucky to find. It's above-average supply of heavy metals, metals, and volatiles makes it a valuable mining planet, while its abundant plant and animal life makes it also a varitable cornucopia. Paired with the temperate climate and breathable atmosphere, this is the most Earth-like planet settled. The only barrier preventing this world from explosive growth is the above-average distance from the nearest core world, Theta Leonis. Once FTL technology improves, and the virtual gaps condense, this world is sure to rival the population and economies of the core planets.

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