Proxima Centauri I
Orbital Distance 0.1 AU
Zone Blue
Mass 0.78
Composition Rock-Iron
Density 0.85
Diameter 0.97, 12,400km
Gravity .82 G
Day Length Planet Tidally Locked
Year Length 15,000 hours, 62.4 Earth Days
Tilt None
Atmospheric Density Standard, 0.65
Atmospheric Pressure .75
Atmospheric Composition 15% Oxygen, 83% Nitrogen, 2% Argon
Day Temperature 32 degrees celsius
Night Temperature -190 degrees celsius
Moons 1
Moon Distance Close Orbit, 6,200km
Moon Size Asteroidal, 20km diameter

Proxima Centuri I was the first exoplanet to be discovered by humans, and what a discovery it was. The half of the planet that faces the red sun has near ideal conditions to support human life, and already had extensive plant life, and multi-cellular life on it. The planet is 80% water, with one large island roughly 106M km2 of tropical land. Due to its perfect conditions, it quickly became the resort world that it is today.

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