The Democratic Federation Of Planets

Soon after the first few colony ships were lost due to fierce competition, the United Nations drafted the Democratic Federation of Planets Galactic Charter. Endorsed by all major nations, The DFP Galactic Charter laid forth the first set of galactic law, and called for the creation of a Federal Navy to serve as a police force. Every colonized planet was able to join the federation as a protectorate member. As a colony grows and prospers, it could choose to becoming a dues paying member. Paying by service or by scutage, a colony provides ships and crew to the Federal Navy and earns a vote wielding membership in the federation. This provides colonies with a chance to influence galactic law and policy. The Galactic Navy was granted the power to patrol and enforce galactic law in unincorporated space, and appoint freelance ships as deputies when required.

The federation was formed by, but is not subordinate to the United Nations. While the UN still provides a (questionably) valuable service on Earth, the Federation is the ultimate authority in unincorporated space. It directs the largest fleet in the galaxy from a space station in orbit around Sol between Earth and Mars. The fleet performs many functions ranging from law enforcement to interplanetary mail service. It patrols searching for pirates and shuttles volunteers to training centers.

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