Orbital Distance 0.4 AU
Zone Green
Year Length 1.039
Mass 0.8
Composition Rock-Iron
Density 0.6
Diameter 1.1
Gravity 0.66 (6.468 m/s2)
Day Length 19 hours
Axial Tilt 18 degrees
Atmosphere Density Standard, 0.5
Atmospheric Composition 20% O2, 50% N
Atmospheric Pressure Standard, 0.66
Climate Warm, 25o C
Moons 1
Orbital Distance Medium Orbit, 16,286 km
Mass Asteroidal, 400 km diameter

Overpopulation had long been an issue in the People's Republic of China. As the ability to expand to the stars became possible, it seemed space travel might be an answer to the overcrowded cities and unchecked pollution. The first Chinese ship sent was funded by the government in an attempt to solve two problems at once. It was filled with former juvenile delinquents, pardoned by the regime on the promise that they were putting their criminal past behind them. To supervise the group of 12 to 18 year olds, adults completely loyal to the communist ideals that the new colony would be founded on were selected. The trip to the coordinates purchased was to take 10 years, and things went well at first. Unfortunately, three years into the journey, tensions began to rise, and a skirmish broke out. When things settled down, the adults were dead, and the teenagers had split into three gangs. The White Tigers controlled the bridge, the Eagle Dragons controlled engineering, and the Golden Star controlled the food and water supplies. The three gangs formed a shaky truce for the remainder of the journey and worked together to achieve planetfall. Once the bare bones of the colony was set up, they split again. Each gang set up their own city in what they viewed as the most strategic location. Unfortunately, the colony ship was only stocked to support one city, so each of the three is lacking in something and not at all the idyllic paradise the Chinese government had envisioned. The beacons were never activated claiming the planet for the People's Republic as the gangs did not want more ships sent to take back control of the planet. Currently the colony continues to grow, all resources are controlled by the gang hierarchy, and most people are living in poverty. The three cities only work together to deal with any threats when Chinese ships show up in orbit trying to take the planet back. There is a fair amount of trade with other planets in the system, and the planet of Tranquility has a large share of the "homeopathic remedy" market.

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